ID Castings Progress

Shaping the Heartland

With more than a century of operation, cast in millions of tons of iron and years of experience, we know what it takes to produce quality iron castings. More importantly, we also know what it takes to build productive customer relationships, delivering value-added services and solid performance your business can count on.

ID Castings worker cleaning iron pouring mold

Built to Support Your Business

With two locations in Indiana and Illinois, we’re fully equipped to produce millions of iron castings per year, from 50 pounds or less to up to 4,000 pounds. Yet, we’re equally capable of handling smaller production runs, including those for prototypes or service parts supplies. No matter the size or quantity, each part is cast with the same level of precision and care.

ID Castings supply chain

Remove Supply Chain Uncertainty

You can eliminate product reliability and delivery risks with high-quality U.S. made products from ID Castings. As a domestic provider of gray and ductile iron sand casting and no-bake molding services, ID Castings delivers reliable and dependable performance, with parts available when and where you need them.

A Heavy Metal Industry

Martinsville, Illinois Location


Noblesville, Indiana
ID Castings’ Noblesville, Indiana operation was originally founded in 1887 as the Noblesville Foundry Machine Co., becoming one of the nation’s largest producers of cast iron bathtubs. Following years of diversification, it was acquired by ID Castings in 2013 and has undergone a substantial renovation and expansion.

ID Castings building


Martinsville, Illinois
Our Martinsville, Illinois operation was founded in 1898 as Rowe Foundry and became part of ID Castings in 2020. Rowe Foundry manufactured products for the rapidly expanding oil and gas industry and later diversified into other applications, once holding three quarters of the market for its agricultural products. Since 2020, ID Castings has rapidly expanded its workforce to accommodate growth.